Building awareness

They are children, just like ours…

We live, without any doubts, in prosperity. To avoid stagnancy, it is important to look beyond the daily routine at the global world in order to get to know different ways of life. For example, a very simple and harsh life which the children in South Africa's townships live full of youthful joy and pride. They enjoy studying and playing, have a fight from time to time and then are friends again. They do their homework and have big dreams. The kids are just like ours; their life would proceed in a similar way, would there not have been poverty, illness, malnutrition and the lack of most of the things that we take for granted.
Living in a global world does not only mean to enjoy its advantages, but also to take responsibility.

The Naledi Projects awareness raising program…

The awareness raising program of Naledi Projects shows and explains in a simple and comprehensive way the personal living conditions and the everyday life of the children of South Africa's townships and the everyday problems they encounter. At the same time it becomes obvious that all children and their needs are the same. It is meant both for children and adults that do not have an understanding of the personal living conditions outside "our" society. The aim is not to induce pity, but to show true respect and solidarity. This is the way social responsability should work.

for school children…

Our target groups are students between 5 and 15 years. Of course, the discussed subjects will be adapted to the age of the children. Despite the earnestness of the subject, the program offers a simplified and individual access to the information. The people from Naledi Projects come to the school and talk about their personal experiences in South Africa, about the children, their schools and their homes, they will show pictures and movies and will answer the questions of the children from Luxembourg.
Please contact us to arrange an appointment and discuss how the subject can be adapted to your class.

…and for adults

The people of Naledi Projects are at the disposal of associations and groups for an individual informational talk about the situation in South Africa and about the projects and are looking forward to a personal exchange.

Contact us:

Naledi Projects
165, rte de Longwy
L-1941 Luxembourg
Ellen Spencer: +352 621 31 18 09
Cynthia Wald: +352 30 81 64

Please download the following documents and read about the 2000 Millennium Development Goals (1-4 and 5-8) from the UNO and the Leitmotiv of the Luxembourgish ministry of foreign affairs.