The history of our origins

In 2002 Naledi asbl has been founded by 2 mothers who adopted children born in South Africa, as an adoption intermediary. They soon realised that there were many needs for the children in homes, which could not, for many reasons but mainly HIV, be adopted. In order to improve their lives, Naledi supported these privately sponsored homes, with renovation work, new medical equipment, kids clothes etc. As from 2003, Naledi organised also support actions outside of these homes and the related fundraising in Luxembourg, as well as the search for people who are willing to sponsor a child. Whilst on a visit in South Africa, in January 2004, we realised how urgent the support for the extremely high number of sick kids and children in need is in this wonderful country. Aid has to be provided for the children in homes and for those in the township of Katlehong around Johannesbourg. Naledi asbl started with support actions, and soon evolved to do development cooperation works. During the following three years, a few minor and some medium-sized projects as well as sponsorships were realised, with a total value of EUR 133.000. The size of the projects steadily becomes bigger. In order to realise both activities in a proper and an independent way, the committe of Naledi decided, in 2006, to split both activities: adoption and cooperation work. Thus, today exist:

  • NALEDI PROJECTS NGO non-profit association, the development cooperation association for children in South Africa
  • NALEDI non-profit association, the adoption intermediary association for children from South Africa and parents from Luxembourg

Naledi Projects received on 16th March 2009 the official NGO status ("ONG de développpement") from the minister of cooperation. In March 2010, Naledi Projects became a member of the "Cercle de Coopération Luxembourg".

All support actions which were and are realised are available under Our support actions. Information about Naledi Adoptionsvermittlung. We would like to thank all members of Naledi asbl and especially its president Mrs Diane Heck-Thill for her support, for the information provided and for the healthy roots from where all Naledi Projects activities are growing today.