Our mission

Projects and sponsorships in South Africa

Every child has the right to a jaunty childhood. South-African HIV-orphans, children in poverty, foundlings, HIV-positive children, children of illegal immigrants or children of HIV-infected parents have to cope with poor conditions. Without help from outside they lack the most basic things in life. Therefore, our primary concerns for these children are:

  •                                     Health provisions 
  •                                     Healthy nutrition 
  •                                     Education 

Naledi Projects works closely with local partners in South Africa, Gauteng Province.

  • We provide punctual or longlasting support (sponsoring) depending on the needs, especially for children in privately-run homes
  • The projects which we elaborate with our partners are in the development cooperation field, especially for kids in townships around Johannesbourg, who are mostly Aids-orphans being taken in charge by their grandmother or living on their own.

More information is available under Why development cooperation in South Africa?, under Topical projects and under Help by making a donation.



Building awareness in Luxemburg

We live, without any doubts, in prosperity. To avoid stagnancy, it is important to look beyond the daily routine at the global world in order to get to know different ways of life. For example, a very simple and harsh life which the children in South Africa's townships live full of youthful joy and pride. Living in a global world does not only mean to enjoy its advantages, but also to take its responsabilities. The aim is not to induce pity, but to show true respect and solidarity. This is the way social responsibility should work.

More information is available under Building Awareness.