Our partners

Trust, short paths, efficient dedication and the love for the children are important to us in the work with our partners.

Partners in South Africa

The partners in South Africa work daily for the local children, whether in privat-run homes or through other social services. They perfectly know well the people and their needs, they report us their pleas, they explore, they guarantee the elaboration of the projects, its execution, the control and the sustainability. Through our direct partners, many qualified people are working with a lot of personal dedication for our projects, many volunteers and some earn their living out of it: for our school cantine project, those are the headmaster, teachers and cooks, for the children's homes, besides caretakers and nurses, many volunteer doctors and foreign helpers are active. So, all on-site partners are the navel of a large people network, who work together for the children. Our local partners are mostly financed by private sponsors from South Africa and abroad. The governmental aid for the housing of foster children is only a very small part of the financing.


  • Lambano Sanctuary Wychwood, south of Johannesbourg, close to the Katlehong township. Since 2001, a home specially equipped for HIV-positive children has helped around 120 sick children and provides 24 abandoned children and orphans with a home. They live in a family-like structure in four different houses, 6 kids in one house and a mother per house. They get antiretroviral drugs, healthy food, medical care and lots of love. Without all this care none of the children would have survived. In order to eradicate the evil, Lambano Sanctuary runs aid programs in the township of Katlehong because most of their young patients come from there. Their staff in Katlehong are helping by providing food, with accomodation, school uniforms, medical care, education and by helping with administrative work and doctor visits. Until today, they have helped over 400 people. More about our projects in Katlehong in collaboration with Lambano Sanctuary is available under Topical projects. Our sponsorships with Lambano Sanctuary are available under Sponsor a child.  Information about Lambano Sanctuary or their blog.
    Here you can also see a video about Lambano Sanctuary.
  • Tshepo ya Bana Klipdrift, Hammanskral, north of Pretoria. Since 2003, the farm in the midst of a game reserve has provided a wonderfull and lovely home for about 15 abandoned children and orphans who are healthy or HIV-positive. This farm offers on the one hand, a normal family life as we all know with a school, friends, excursions and churchgoing and, on the other hand, the medical care with antiretroviral drugs, the cocker-up of a new abandoned child, the search for new fosterparents for healthy children - a life full of contrasts. Our sponsorships with Tshepo ya Bana can be found under Sponsor a child. Information about Tshepo ya Bana.
  • Mukhanyo Community Development Centre (MCDC) KwaMhlanga, Province Mpumalanga. Since 2003, MCDC has taken care in 5 OVC Care Centres of orphans and people in need with HIV or Aids. More than 550 children are joining these centres daily for food and education. Over 200 of them are taken care of on the Veld (in a rural area). Education in gardening and sewing should enable a healthy diet and a new income. One of the kids writes: “My name is Alex Mpanza and I am 16 years old. Soccer is my hobby. I live with my granny, two brothers and little sisters. There are 14 people living at my home. I have lived in Vezubuhle for six years. I have been attending the Centre for years … It helps me because it provides me school clothes, shoes, trousers, food and many things. It has also helped me handle my anger and learn to live good. They assist me with my school work and they help me get the things I need. We have three Bible Studies a week and Church on Sunday. Once I did not know about sin but now I can differentiate between the sin and good things. My life would be different without the Centre - it would be miserable! I would not get the same food at home that we receive at the Centre. I have made good friends and the elders seem like my parents. I help the other children learn and guide them not to do things out of control. I want to thank them for helping us each and every day. If it were not for them we do not know where we would be. It’s by grace for us to be here. God Bless them."
    Information about MCDC.
  • Ubuhle Care & Development Center (UCDC) serves the farm communities in the Metsweding District situated in the north-eastern corner of the Gauteng Province of South Africa. The area is in close proximity to the economic areas of Pretoria and Johannesburg. Currently at least 100 farm-worker families in need are assisted in their home environment with basic needs, school clothes for the kids, grant applications and HIV/AIDS education . Forty-five pre-school orphans and vulnerable children of these families benefit from our pre-school centre and transport is provided. The toddlers are in a stimulating environment preparing them for school and receive the necessary nutrition needed. Thirty schoolgoing orphans and vulnerable children are assisted with their homework assignments and also have a much needed meal at the centre on weekdays.
    See also ubuhlecarecentre.blogspot.com and http://www.ubuhlecares.org.za/


Our partners in Luxembourg

Our partners in Luxembourg are experienced organisations. They help us in the elaboration of the projects, the contact with the ministry of cooperation and the submission of the projects for approval. Thanks to their dedication the Luxembourgish government contributes – in case the project is accepted - for approx. 2/3 of the cost of a project, meaning that every euro that is donated is tripled.

  • ONGD-FNEL The development aid association of the Luxembourgish scout federation was founded in 1989. Thanks to its professional structure and longtime experience, it currently manages to run 30 projects in different developing countries. More under ONGD-FNEL.
  • Pharmaciens sans Frontières Luxembourg PSF was established in Luxembourg in 1991. Thanks to the worldwide PSF organisation and the personal commitment, PSF is able to help in an efficient and well-directed manner. Information about PSF.