Supporting member

Become a friend of Naledi Projects - with a membership fee of only 5 EUR per year you allow us to continue our work.

Because you know:

  • Every donated euro goes entirely towards our projects or towards our support actions.
  • All members work 100% on a voluntary basis and do not get paid.

As a supporting member you support us in our work and make it possible to cover administrative costs like phone calls, e-mails, paper and so on.

But more importantly: You give us the possibility to act rapidly and easily in case of emergency: for example, a child was the victim of an accident and needs an urgent operation, a lifesafing equipment breaks down or must be replaced…. With some financial reserves we can help immediately – Thanks to your help.


The bigger our emergency reserves are, the quicker we can help in urgent situations. With a donation on top of the membership fee you are helping us to achieve this goal. Of course the membership fee and the donation can be wired at once.

Please transfer 5 Euro + may be a donation to our member account:
Naledi Projects:

IBAN: LU44 0081 6377 5400 1003

and please indicate as reason for payment: name + address + e-mail

As a supporting member you receive every year our annual report by e-mail.

Naledi Projects
165, rte de Longwy
L-1941 Luxembourg

Ellen Spencer (E) : +352 621 31 18 09
Cynthia Wald (L, F, D, E): +352 691 14 04 65



We guarantee that your data is treated as strictly confidential and we will not forward your contact information to third parties. Naledi Projects ONG issues a tax receipt, repectively a letter of thanks for every donation. All donations are tax-deductible.