She was supposed to die

The little girl has been medicated by the public health care center for HIV-positive patients for two years. Allthough her CD4 values were 0,84%, neither did she receive any antiretroviral treatment, nor any against tubercolosis. At one point, she was admitted to hospital and sent home 3 weeks later – to die.

A social worker brought her to Lambano Sanctuary. On 22th October 2006, she was admitted. She was 5 years old and weighted 9 kg. Thanks to antiretroviral and tubercolosis treatments she found new strength within one month. On 22th June 2007, she left Lambano Sanctory, weighting a healthy 20 kg and returned to her family – to live.

Medical care and healthy nutrition

Since then, she has integrated well back into her family and her neighborhood. Since January 2008, she is going to school, first year at the Mogobeng Primary School. Once a month, she visits the public hospital to receive antiretroviral medication („roll-out“). Lambano Sanctuary is still looking after her health and her well-being, and guarentees a healthy diet by supporting her family with a nutrition program.

Numerous HIV-positive und Aids infected children die miserably, a lot of them could live. Download information about the project in PDF format and read how the hospice is helping those children.

The project co-financed by the Luxembourg State, ie the purchase and the renovation of the house has been completed. Nevertheless, the hospice is still in need of financial support from sponsors to cover the ongoing costs of drugs, staff salaries, etc. to be able to offer the children the vital assistance they require.

You want to support the hospice

Download the form to sponsor a project in PDF or MS Word format et post it to Naledi Projects.

Contact us:

Naledi Projects
Ellen Spencer
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Course of the project:

  • May 2012: Since June 2009, 78 patients were admitted to the Hospital with the diagnosis of end of life. Having received the appopriate and necessary holistic care, 71 patients recovered sufficiently to be discharged from the Hospice of Lambano Sanctuary. They are no longer considered as end of life patients and were able to to live either at homeor in a foster home. To date seven patients have received end of life palliative care in order to die with dignity and without pain. Today Lambano Sanctuary has acquired enough experience to enhance their services. Together we are currently developing a project of development cooperation that will allow Lambano Sanctuary to accommodate more patients and ensure their services to vulnerable children and orphans in the poorest communities of Gauteng Project NP / 2012/004 – Lambano Sanctuary: Extension of Hospice and rehabilitation Centre.
  • September 2011: 11 children are currently admitted at the Hospice.
  • August 2011: We have our first Hospice Projectsponsor – Thank You – We hope many will follow!
  • July 2011: 60 patients have been admitted to the Hospice since its opening. Most of these children were able to return to their family, others found a foster family or were admitted in a home. Five of them were accompanied on their last road in love, dignity and without pain.
  • June 2011: We finally launched our Projectsponsorship Hospice in order to support Lambano Sanctuary doing their wonderful work.
  • April 2011: Private Sponsor makes a donation to the Hospice through Naledi Projects.
  • January 2011: Private Sponsor makes a donation to the Hospice through Naledi Projects.
  • 18th December 2010: Private Sponsors make a donation to the Hospice through Naledi Projects.
  • 18th December 2009: Cofinanced part of project has been successfully finalized. Naledi Projects will continue to support the project.
  • 30th October 2009: Official opening of the hopsice. The professional work of the staff of Lambano, the numerous local donors and authorities and most importantly the cordial atmosphere convinced the representatives of Naledi Projects that the hospice is in the right hands.



  • 3rd July 2009: The first patients have been accepted.


  • 26th June 2009: The renovation work was completed.

  • 2nd February 2009: The purchasing contract for the house accomodating the hospice was signed.
  • 18th December 2008: The Luxembourgish government (Ministry of foreign affairs) accepts the co-financing of 2/3 of the budget of the project.
  • 30th June 2008: ONGD-FNEL hands in the project on behalf of Naledi Projects at the ministry of foreign affairs requesting the co-financing of the project.
  • 28th June 2007: Naledi Projects presents the project to ONGD-FNEL
  • April 2007: 2 representatives of Naledi Projects discuss the project with the local project managers of Lambano Sanctuary, visit the house available for sale and discuss the necessary alternation works to be done.
  • Summer 2006: Lambano Sanctuary contacts Naledi Projects asking to support the hospice project.

The cofinanced part of the project

Beneficiary: about 50 children per year, their family and their community

Scope of the Cofinancing: Acquisition and renovation of the buildings. Facilities and running costs are taken over by local sponsors.

Duration of the CofinancingDecember 2008 – December 2009

Lambano Sanctuary is still looking for further local funding and sponsors. Naledi Projects is part of its sponsors through its project sponsorships.

Costs of the Cofinancing: 85,022.20 €

On 17th December 2008, the co-financing of the project has been accepted by the ministry of foreign affairs.

MAE part: 56,681.46 €
Naledi Projects part: 28,340.74 €

Donation from Naledi Projects: The financing of the Naledi Projects part has been finalised. The greatest part consists of the money donated during the charity event “Duck Race”, organised by the Table Ronde on 21st April 2007. Other donors were the Zonta Club Esch-sur-Alzette and the Lions Club Luxembourg-Amitié.

Partner of the Cofinancing in Luxembourg:

  • Direction de la Coopération from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE): cofinancing
  • ONGD-FNEL: Submission of the cofinancing request at the MAE

Local project partner: Lambano Sanctuary NGO