ensure viability of services for OVC’s (orphans and vulnerable children) by our local partner NGO Lambano Sanctuary by helping them become self-sustainable.
  • strengthen the skills of those living in the poorest communities in the vicinity of the Hospice (located in Wychwood)
  • to empower and educate the local population



2 Millennium Development Goals are targeted by the project:

OBJECTIVE 4 : Reduce infant mortality and child mortality
OBJECTIVE 6 : Combat HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases

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Since the opening in June 2009 the Hospice Lambano Sanctuary Projet NP/2008/002 Hospice – The hospice and the rehabilitation center for HIV-positive and aids-infected children has become a recognized institution with an excellent patient recovery rate.

The care they offer is a holistic proactive therapy that is intensive without being aggressive. They accept all children from 0 to 18 years of age, regardless of their ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic or spiritual beliefs.

The care and support they offer to families is free of charge to those in need.

Since June 2009, 80 patients diagnosed as terminally ill have been admitted to the Hospice. After receiving the appropriate and necessary holistic care, 71 patients recovered enough to be discharged. They are no longer considered terminal and are now living either at home or in a foster home.

The Lambano Sanctuary Hospice has proven that they have been active and effective in reducing infant and child mortality in South Africa.

Lambano Sanctuary’s goal is to increase this.

This girl (photo above) arrived at the Hospice in a critical condition. She was very sick and very weak.

The Lambano Sanctuary team supported her by performing all the necessary tests to determine what drugs and other treatments were necessary for her recovery.

Today she is strong enough to go back to school.

The photo on the right shows her in her school uniform, ready to resume a life as normal as possible

To date nine patients have received palliative care, enabling them to die with dignity and without pain.


The project is financing the expansion of the Hospice & Rehabilitation Center to increase its ability to support patients. To date Lambano Sanctuary has acquired enough experience to allow them  to accept up to 18 patients, instead of the current 12, to meet the ever growing demand.

The project finances the salaries of a multidisciplinary team to ensure the holistic care of patients and their families and to ensure the sustainability of services for them.

To comply with official requirements, such as the need  of paramedics in a hospital, Lambano Sanctuary must hire additional staff. For stationary units that quota is one staff member for every 20 patients.

An important element of holistic care, which has not yet been set up due to lack of funding, is the psychosocial palliative care. The recruitment of a social assistant and a community care worker will ensure the fulfillment of this task and will provide health education for patients and their families.

The family needs to participate in the continuing care of the patient after returning home. Specific skills to administer medications and provide other care are taught and shown to families as required by the situation of the patient. In addition they assist families to enroll in programs that deliver free life-saving drugs for the child.

The family should also learn about the illness of the child and become aware of the risks and needs of the patient and of the basic hygienic measures that need to be observed.

A very important point is the knowledge about transmission risks – especially in the case of HIV – and the preventive measures and behaviours that need to be adopted to reduce or eliminate these risks.

After the patients leave the hospice, the family must ensure that the children receive their drugs regularly.

If families have difficulty in obtaining enough food they are informed about additional community resources that can help, and in some cases are shown how to grow their own garden.

Apart from health education there is psychological support to families that are facing the impending death of their child. Bereavement support is considered a key component of palliative care service, which takes into account the culture and gender of children and their families.

Lambano Sanctuarycontributes actively to combat HIV / AIDS and other diseases by spreading the knowledge of these diseases among the most vulnerable communities.

Hiring a fundraiser will ensure the viability of the services offered by the NGO and will be part of the multidisciplinary team. The fundraiser will help by educating and empowering the local population on the regional situation of OVC’s in their immediate surroundings.

This project secures the accession of Sanctuary to Lambano HPCA– Hospice and Palliative Care Association of South Africa www.hpca.co.za.
This affiliation allows Lambano Sanctuary to enjoy a better public recognition through certification of the quality of holistic care that their hospital provides to its patients.

The goal of HPCA is developing standards for palliative care and an internal mentoring program leading to external accreditation. This provides the means to document the credibility of care for patients and their families, and donors to certify the quality of care provided by hospices, members of HPCA

Lambano Sanctuary applied applied to join HPCA in fall 2011. On October 25, 2011 Lambano Sanctuary was assessed by Angela Make, expert-advisor for the development of palliative care in Gauteng Province from HPCA. On November 16, 2011 Lambano Sanctuary was notified of their affiliation.

The extension of the building of the Hospice AND the establishment of a multidisciplinary team and a fundraiser is necessary so that Lambano Sanctuary can meet the standards of infrastructure and holistic care for stationary units from HPCA, ensure membership in the association and allow to complete the steps for accreditation by COHSASA – Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa http://www.cohsasa.co.za.

During her evaluation Mrs. Make noted that Lambano Sanctuary has already fulfilled many of the standards required for the first star of HPCA. Their philosophy of palliative care to patients acquired corresponds to the concept of HPCA.

Ms. Make is the mentor for Lambano Sanctuary.

Lambano Sanctuary benefits already from staff training subsidized by HPCA.



Beneficiaries: about 50-70 children per year, their families and their communities, employees of Lambano Sanctuary

The scope of co-financing: the extension of the Hospice and the financing of the multidisciplinary team.

Duration of funding: 3 years – from 1st of August 2012 to 31st of July 2015.
                             The project has been extended to July 2016.

Costs of project: 747 560,56 €

  • contribution of other donor of the North: 37 650 €

Costs of cofinancing: 709 910,56 €

  • contribution MFA – Luxembourg: 473 273,71 €
  • contribution Naledi Projects: 118 512,28 €
  • contribution Lambano Sanctuary: 118 124,57 €

Cofinacement partners in Luxembourg:

  • Directorate for Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA): cofinancing

Project partners on site: Lambano Sanctuary NGO




Since its opening in June 2009 213 children have been treated here.

     Situation in June 2015:

  • Current Patients:                                               15
  • Discharged convalescent patients:                158
    of which

    • reunited with their family:                    116
    • discharged to local foster care:            9
    • discharged to a home:                           33
  • Patients palliated:                                             40



  • August 2015 – July 2015: goals :
    • admission of 16 patients at a time (full capacity)
    • Consolidating the multidisciplinary team
    • Achieving at least 3 Star status with HPCA
    • increasing “Home Based Care”
    • Partner with Department of Health, South-Africa
    • Fundraising: finding long term local donors
    • Creating a sustainability project

Current multidisciplinary team

  • 1 qualified Medical General Practitioner with a Degree in Child Medicine and Paediatric Palliative Care
  • 2 registered nurse
  • 4 enrolled nurses
  • 1 auxiliary nurse
  • 13 caregivers
  • 1 registered Social Auxilary
  • 1 registered psychologist
  • 1 fundraiser
  • 2 domestic workers
  • 2 cooks


  • August 2014 – July 2015: goals :
    • admission of 16 patients at a time (full capacity)
    • Consolidating the multidisciplinary team
    • Achieving at least 2 Star status with HPCA
    • Partner with another hospice abroad
    • Creating a sustainability project
  • August 2013 – July 2014: goals : building a multidisciplinary team:

Working in a paediatric palliative care unit is very challenging and requires employees with qualification and compassion. This is not so easy to put in place. Nevertheless after some struggle the following team is in place:

  • 1 qualified Medical General Practitioner with a Degree in Child Medicine and Paediatric Palliative Care
  • 1 registered Social Auxilary
  • 1 registered nurse
  • 4 enrolled nurses
  • 13 caregivers
  • 1 fundraiser
  • 1 domestic worker
  • 1 cook
  • 12th July 2013: the official opening of the extension of the Hospice will take place in the presence of Dany Lamesch and Miriam Backes Naledi Projects
  • June 2013: the old section is under renovation
  • 3rd June, 2013: patients move into the new section
  • 27th to 31st May:  furnishing the new section
  • 24th May 2013: Lambano Sanctuary got the “certificate of occupancy” for the extension of the Hospice
  • May 2013: Hospice medical staff financed by Luxembourg
  • August 2012 to May 2013: Expansion work is progressing well
  • October 2012: Thanks to the project, following people have been employed to reinforce Lambano Sanctuary’s team and hence improve the quality of care for the little patients of the hospice:


Lumka , enroled nurse                                                                Portia, fundraiser

Her role is public work and put Lambano Sanctuary on the map within the local community and develop new ways of collecting funds and consequently guarantee the sustainability of the NGO’s services

  • 20th of August 2012: construction works have started. The foundations for the extension are laid.


  • 1st August: Luxembourg MFA-Directorate of Cooperation accepts cofinancing the project. NP signs a cofinance contract with MFA.
  • 6th July 2012: NP receives the certificate of technical compliance by the BAT and submits the cofinancing request for the project to the MFA-Directorate of Cooperation
  • May 2012 : Naledi Projects presents the project to the BAT for the grant application
  • Our follow up journey in March 2012. Enjoy reading!
  • March 2012 : three representatives of Naledi Projects discuss the project at the Hospice with the project managers Lambano Sanctuary.
  • Summer 2011 : Lambano Sanctuary contacts Naledi Projects for support for the extension of the hospice.



You want to support the hospice

Download the form to sponsor a project in PDF or MS Word format et post it to Naledi Projects.

Contact us:

Naledi Projects
Ellen Spencer (E) : +352 621 31 18 09
Cynthia Wald (L, F, D, E): +352 691 14 04 65