Lambano Sanctuary: Extension of social services and home-based care

« Extension des Capacités des services du Lambano Sanctuary pour y inclure des services sociaux de proximité et des soins à domicile »

Project Objectives

  • Improvement of health conditions through access to better healthcare services and facilities of Gauteng, South Africa.
  • Provision of sustainable Home-Based Care (HBC) and Social Outreach services to the public medical patients of Lambano Sanctuary

Project Summary

Building of a separate 400m2 facility dedicated to Home Base Care Services and Social Outreach for public patients. These are important services integral to palliative care to deepen the impact of Lambano Sanctuary’s medical interventions. They include:

  • Counselling for HIV prevention, testing, and adherence to treatment.
  • Informing patient and caregiver of their rights and health entitlements.
  • Assisting with birth certificates, ID documents and social grant applications.
  • Training patient and caregiver to carry on with treatments once discharged.
  • Providing discharged patients 10 home visits per week per patient from medical and social staff to assess treatment and home environment.
  • Providing food parcels as needed.
  • Educating caregivers (95% women) about basic skills development and financial independence.
  • Referring patients and families to additional social assistance and resources.

Together these activities provide holistic care for the patient, but also reduce re-admission rates of patients; allow more efficient use of bed capacity of medical facility; and provide social support for the extreme poor to improve living standards and access to basic services.


  • 150 to 200 children (male and female ages 0<18) with life limiting or life-threatening conditions who will receive HBC services annually.
  • 200 family members (95% female caregivers and siblings) who will receive Social Outreach services.
  • Lambano Sanctuary who will strengthen their capacity, impact, reach, and sustainability.
  • Current and new employees of Lambano Sanctuary who gain income, job security, and upskilling.